How to Propose #15 - The Workplace singing telegram

I once sent a bunch of flowers to my girlfriend while she was at work. I picked out a bunch of red roses, filled out the gift tag and put a '?' under name and then gave the florist instructions to deliver them at 3pm on the dot. I thought I was being mysterious and romantic like the man from Del Monte, but in reality putting a '?' backfired because she couldn't work out which of her boyfriends sent the flowers.

I kid, I kid.

Really though, sending something to your partner's place of work is a romantic thing to do and it will make them feel special because they will get this gift in front of all their coworkers, so it will give them bragging rights for a month. If the thing you send to your partner's work place is a singing telegram and the thing they sing about is your engagement proposal you'll be giving them bragging rights for life.

There are some decisions to be made though, like what song to choose? What lyrics should you write? Who should you hire? You should leave the creative decisions to the experts you hire to deliver the telegram, because they will have done this before. Just give them a few key details like your name and your partner's name and let them do the rest.

Useful Resources:

Proposal difficulty: 1/10 - Just pick up the phone and book, easy.

Storytelling effect: 7/10 - Her coworkers will certainly have a story to tell about their day.

Price: £90 - £150

Set-up time: An hour to book the singing telegram.

Dangers: If your partner works in a funeral home this might not go down well.

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