How to Propose #15 - The Workplace singing telegram

I once sent a bunch of flowers to my girlfriend while she was at work. I picked out a bunch of red roses, filled out the gift tag and put a '?' under name and then gave the florist instructions to deliver them at 3pm on the dot. I thought I was being mysterious and romantic like the man from Del Monte, but in reality putting a '?' backfired because she couldn't work out which of her boyfriends sent the flowers.

How to Propose #14 - Foot Massage

Have you ever gotten a foot massage? They can be sensual when done right, but done wrong they feel like a crab is playing This Little Piggy with your toes. I'm not a fan of actually receiving foot massages, but the question is can I give foot massages? Don't be tellin' me about foot massages. I'm the foot f****n' master.

How to Propose #13 - Get the Killers to do it for you

It doesn't have to be the Killers; you can substitute them for any other band, be that the Happy Mondays, The Vaccines or even REM. It all depends on who your partner likes. You see, this proposal is all about getting their favourite band to pop the question for you.

How to Propose #12 - The language of love

Will you marry me" - English

Willst du mich heiraten? - German

Veux-tu m'├ępouser? - French

Mi vuoi sposare? - Italian

How to Propose #11 - Write it in the Sky

This proposal is romantic, effective and it's a great visual display. Have you ever been at a sports game where your team is playing their local rivals? If it's a big enough game some joker will always shell out for a plane to write a message in the sky with it's exhaust fumes, something like "Rovers are rubbish". Your proposal won't mention Blackburn Rovers, but the idea is the same.

How to Propose #10 - Buy them a cat

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Cats on the other hand, well no one cares about cats. Go out and buy one if you want, and if it turns out you don't like the cat then just get rid of it. Spread tuna on your neighbour's door handles and laugh when he can't shift Gandalf from his doorstep. Yes, you named your cat Gandalf. You are awesome.

How to Propose #9 - Write "marry me" in Christmas lights

So far I've suggested a hot air balloon ride, a trip to Venice, a penthouse suite and training your dog as ways of making your marriage proposal special. These are good ideas and they all have their merits, buts sometimes you just need a big visual display. There are loads of ways you could make a display to get your engagement question across and no doubt I will mention many of them in posts to come. For today though I have one example in mind.